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Creating Sewing/Crafting Space in the RV

We are finally settled back into our RV and staying at a very nice RV park in San Antonio. It was a long move (mostly because I tend to start packing months ahead, so we are living in boxes ‘forever’!) but it’s done and over with!

When we moved into the rental a year ago I posted pictures of  the wonderful (and organized) sewing room.  That room was a wonderful sewing space!

I thought I’d update it with pictures of my new sewing ‘area’; a 6′ wide x 3′ deep corner in our RV. It’s where the recliners SHOULD be but for now the sewing has taken over.


Thank you, God, for a very patient husband who puts up with all this sewing mess!   The fabric, the batting, the ribbons and laces, the patterns, the threads – it’s all on top of or under the table!  It’s not the ideal….but it works.

Thanks to this little sewing space, She & Me Designs (Stacy’s and my Etsy store) continues to post new quilts and aprons for sale!    The little girls pink rag quilt in the pictures will be posted there soon!

I hope this encourages you to sew or craft no matter what space limitations you have – it can be done – maybe not the way you would prefer but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of creating to your hearts content!!

Take care, and have a great day!!



Organizing the Fabric Stash

As you know, we recently relocated from Oregon.  Of course, I brought along ALL my sewing equipment, fabric and miscellaneous tons of related ‘stuff’!  When we moved into our house, I set up my sewing studio quickly in order to continue sewing for our business, She and Me Designs.

Unfortunately, my fabric stash started creeping out of its boxes and redistributing itself all over every surface of my studio!  Within minutes, it took over!!!

Sewing room cleanup

Although I’m definitely not a ‘neatnik’, I also can’t stay focused when everything is too disorganized and messy (it’s a fine line, I know).  It was time to corral all the stuff and get it into a place where it belonged and I could see what I had.  Hence, a trip to Target.  We got SO lucky –

Target had bookshelves on sale last week, and I took several of the short (on sale for $16!) and several tall (on sale for $26!) basic white bookshelves.  The short ones fit perfectly against a short stair wall, and the talls ones work perfectly on the opposite wall!   SCORE!!!   I’ll probably add a couple more short ones at a later date, but for now this is perfect!

Target Bookcase    Target bookcase

As you can see below, I’m totally organized now.  I’m sure as projects get going things will start creeping out again, but at least now I have a place to put it all back and get it under control again.  That’s what it’s all about – controlling the mess so you can be free to be creative!!!!!

I love that my fabric is now organized – here’s a look at the rest of the room!

What have you done lately to help yourself be organized?  I’d love to hear about your projects.