Family Additions

Shortly before we left Oregon, we decided to adopt!  A DOG!!!  Our beloved Quincy, a German Shepard/Lab mix, had passed on, and our house felt empty.  He was such a sweetie!

Unlike my BFF, I don’t go to the Humane Society  just to visit – I can’t walk in there without wanting to bring all the cats and dogs home, and it makes my heart hurt having to leave them behind. Regardless, my husband and I went down looking for a medium size dog that would be a good traveler and fit in our 5th wheel.  Instead, when I walked in, I found a wire-haired Dachshund who looked up at me with huge brown eyes, barked and wimpered, and my heart melted.

So, after a walk in the park with him to make sure we agreed we all liked each other, we brought home a small (12 lb), old (12 yrs old), toothless (well, almost), set-in-his-ways little pooch.

Boris - leaving the Willamette Humane Society

Taking Boris Home from Willamette Humane Society

Definitely not what I had expected – he’s not very playful, can’t get in and out of the 5th wheel by himself, and definitely not medium sized!

BUT – he’s a sweetheart and sure has made himself at home!  When we travel (anywhere) he insists on riding on my lap, but at home he’s a pillow-on-the-floor dog, and sometimes the couch.

Boris comfy as can be! 

He’s not much of an outdoor dog; if he stays out 10-15 minutes that’s an outing for him!  Bark!  He’s back at the door wanting in!

Oh well, he’s family now!  And family puts up with anything and everything! Boris

If you are looking for a new ‘forever’ friend, be sure to check out your local Humane Society – click the link to find one in your locale.