Moving – AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a wonderful year living in this huge house!!!

New home

As you may remember, 18 months ago we moved from Oregon to Texas, lock – stock – and barrel!!! The move was so that we could live near our son, daughter-in-law and three little and growing grandchildren. We desperately wanted to be a part of their every-day lives, more than part-time grandparents, and being in Oregon made that impossible!

So, we boxed and loaded everything up, and headed on down.

We decided to live in our 5th wheel for a time until we figured out where we wanted to live. That got old after about 6 months, so we rented a beautiful nearly-new home in a very nice subdivision. We moved in, I unpacked EVERYTHING as if it was our forever home, and enjoyed the home immensely!

Unfortunately, the year is up, and instead of staying the home we are heading back into the 5th wheel. This time we’ll be on the road a lot, traveling around the states and staying in California and Oregon for extended visits, so it won’t be as difficult – I hope:)

Grand Junction

It’s 38 feet long, which sounds big, but when you’re trying to put your sewing room and myriad sewing projects in it, it gets a little crowded!  🙂

This time it’s more difficult – I’m ready to settle down in my own home. I want to decorate, and paint, and do some DIY projects I’ve found on Pinterest!  But, the packing has to get done!  I’ve gotten pretty good at getting rid of a lot of ‘unnecessary’ things – but there still seems to be an awful lot of stuff! Wish me luck – in 4 weeks we’ll be moved out so I better get on it

Do you have some moves under your belt? What do you do to make them less stressful (short of hiring movers to do all the packing and moving)? (or is that just plain impossible?)

Oh, and by the way, Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!



‘Eat Your Heart Out’ Kickstart Cleansing Diet

Over the last year, since we moved to Texas, I’ve put back on some of the weight I’d worked so hard to get off!  Story of my life, but I really want to stop this up and down, back and forth diet business!

Anyway, the day after Christmas I started a diet, and managed to lose a few pounds.  Then my daughter e-mailed me a “Kickstart Cleansing Diet” that she’d received from a friend.  It looked hard, because each different is a different regiman, but I thought it might be just what I needed to get going again.

So, last Monday I started the diet.

Each day, something different to eat.  I have to say, it was HARD!!!!!   It’s very difficult just eating certain things on certain days – thank goodness it only lasted 7 days!  It’s definitely not a diety that I could follow permanently, but I did it for a week!  And, I got results!  A total of 10.8 pounds!

I believe it was originally posted by Justin and Ashley @ Refresh, who received the diet from a doctor.  They posted the diet with a lot of information.  Check it out for a lot of FAQ’s and background information.

Lose 10 pounds in 7 days!I’m proud of myself for actually completing the entire week without cheating.  Now to continue the rest of my life trying to be careful!

Have you tried this diet out?  What do you think?

Take care,


Kids and the Fabric Stash

What is it about kids and fabric anyway?  What’s the intrigue about baskets of small and smaller pieces of fabric?

Well, as an adult I see lots of little miniature quilt opportunities – that’s why I save every little leftover bit of fabric from my larger projects!

But for kids?  Who don’t sew?  They see – NINJAS!!!!!!!

Yesterday all three grandkids were here.  I went upstairs to quickly hem up a pair of pants, and all three gravitated up there to see what was up.  My granddaughter, who has ‘shopped’ in the fabric scraps many times, dropped down and started checking it out.  The boys followed, and pretty soon they were all decked out in NINJA headbands, wrist bands, belts, and eye patches!  My granddaughter decided to ‘dude-ette’ up her Ninja outfit just a tad with a little extra accessorizing 🙂

They had the best time helping each other find the ‘perfect’ accessory, they were all getting along, and best of all, I had a wonderful time being included in their fun.

Of course, we managed to do a few other things as well; can’t miss an opportunity to whip up a batch of cookies at Nana’s house (I love watching them bake together!)

And, they had to get a little energy out, so they went out for a little run!

A great weekend with the grandkids!!!!!  Just wish I could bottle that energy!

What kind of things do you do with your grandkids to keep them entertained while they are visiting!

Hope you have a great week!  I’ll be upstairs cleaning up the stash!   🙂


Watching the Last of the Closer!!!

Sitting here with my daughter watching the last episode of The Closer!  Hate that it’s ending – the plots are so compelling, and the acting is so good!

My daughter and I have been watching this show together since it first came on in 2005 – those times that we weren’t even in the same State we compared notes by phone and e-mail, but we’ve talked about each episode along the way.  We love Kyra Sedgwick, and all The Closer cast.

The CloserThe CloserWe’ll miss The Closer!    Hopefully another show comes along that we’ll feel the same way about!!

Sights of San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas.  South of Dallas, west of Houston, north of Mexico!

San Antonio is the 7th most populated city in the United States! And it has some wonderful sites to see in the area! Here are just a few –

The Alamo – Originally named Mission San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo served as home to missionaries and their Indian converts for nearly seventy years. Construction began on the present site in 1724. In 1793, Spanish officials secularized San Antonio’s five missions and distributed their lands to remaining Indian residents. These men and women continued to farm the fields, once the mission’s but now their own, and participated in the growing community of San Antonio.

I took the tour through the Alamo several years ago and enjoyed it immensely!  It was filled with history, and a ton of memorabilia to help you get the true ‘feel’ for the people and  events at the Alamo.

Touring The Alamo

The River Walk – The San Antonio River Walk is a public park, open 365 days a year. It is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath approximately 5 miles of downtown San Antonio.  Lined by bars, shops and restaurants, the River Walk is an important part of the city’s urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right.The River Walk winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks, lined with restaurants, shops, hotels and more. It connects the major tourist draws from the Alamo to Rivercenter Mall,  Arneson River Theatre and La Villita,  the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Pearl Brewery.  Over 20 events take place on the River Walk every year.

The River Walk is a fun place to take a walk or run, ride the gondolas to see the sights, or shop to your hearts content! I’ve heard that it’s especially beautiful at Christmas and can’t wait to experience it this year.  A gondola ride on the river lit by Christmas lights sounds like great fun!!

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio Botanical Garden – Reacquaint yourself with older flower varieties in the Old Fashioned Garden.  Savor sweet fragrances in the Rose Garden.  Engage your senses of touch and smell in the Sensory Garden (Garden for the Blind).  Admire the unique Kumamoto En garden , a gift from San Antonio’s sister city of Kumamoto, Japan, with its finely crafted structures and many symbolic features. Experience the beauty of the Sacred Garden, Shade Garden, Gertie’s Garden and other garden displays.  Learn from the testing and evaluations being conducted in the Watersaver Lane and Ornamental Grass Garden.

I’ve gone to the Garden with my grandkids; they love it because there’s always something new going on.  The Garden is always decked out to celebrate the seasons!

San Antonio Missions– Besides the Alamo, there are four remaining missions that are open to the public, and still operate as active Catholic Churches, offering Mass each Sunday.   According to the National Parks website, many parishioners today are direct descendants of the mission Indians who built the churches.

Beginning in 1690, six missions were established in what is now East Texas. Despite an interval of withdrawal, eastern Texas missions began a period of slow growth. In need of a waystation between these and their source of supply to the west, a failed mission known as San Francisco Solano, was relocated from Coahuila to the San Antonio River and renamed San Antonio de Valero. (It later became known as the Alamo.)

Over the next few years, additional missions were built; they are Concepción, San Juan, and Espada.  The missions flourished between 1745 and the 1780s. Increasing hostility from the mission Indians’ traditional enemy, the Apache, and later the Comanche, coupled with inadequate military support, caused the communities to retreat behind walls. Disease reduced the  native population, accelerating the missions’ decline.

The missions are all located within a few miles of San Antonio.  Although I have not visited all the Missions, I’m anxious to do so to learn more about the San Antonio history.

The above tourist attractions are just a very short list of all that San Antonio has to offer. I can’t wait to experience a lot more of it!  Theme parks, the San Antonio Zoo, the Japanese Garden, so MUCH more!!  Click HERE to check out San Antonio’s tourist site for more information!

Kids and Pizza!!

Tonight the grandkids are staying the night, and Auntie is here helping out!  We decided to let the kids help make their own dinner, one that Auntie used to make when she was a kid – individual pizzas!  They had great fun together making their own pizzas – here’s a brief description so you can try it too!

Heat oven to 450 degrees.

Step 1 – we used the Pillsbury Buttermilk Bisquits.  Each tube contains 10 bisquits, so use as many tubes as you need for your family.  Remember – 1 bisquit equals 1 individual pizza.

Step 2 – flatten the rolls with a rolling pin or glass; if you like it crispy make it 4-5″ round, 3″ for a fluffier crust.  Place on cookie sheets for baking.

Step 3 – spread pizza sauce over the ‘crusts’, and then add your favorite pizza toppings.  We used pepperoni and cheese for the kids, and added mushrooms and olives for ours.

Step 4 – place in the oven and bake approximately 8 minutes and here’s a picture of the final product!

The kids had a blast making their pizzas, and got to eat them in front of the t.v. watching Winnie the Pooh.


Moving to Texas!!!

On November 1, 2011, my husband and I drove down I-5 leaving Oregon and headed for our new life in San Antonio, Texas.  Although my husband had lived in other states before we married (36 years ago), I’ve never lived anywhere but Oregon, and never more than 15 miles from my birth place.

After a brief stop in Sacramento to visit with our daughter, and my husband’s family, we headed south pulling our 38′  home-on-wheels along behind us.  It was our plan to live in the 5th wheel for an ‘indefinite period’, possibly several years.

So, we arrived in Texas and set up camp at the Braunig Lake RV Resort just south of San Antonio, and only 5 miles from our son’s house.

 It has a beautiful pond and we had the perfect space to watch the setting sun.

Pond at Braunig Lake RV Resort
The location was perfect, and allowed us to spend lots of time with our daughter-in-law  and our grandkids while our son travels for his job.  And, they were able to come enjoy the lake, fishing and playing with the ducks!
Fishing at Braunig Lake RV Resort
Before long, the 5th wheel started feeling pretty cramped!!  I set up my sewing corner so that I could continue sewing for She and Me Designs, my DIL’s and my Etsy store.  Fabric and projects all over the place, and little space for relaxing.  Thankfully I have a very patient husband!

Regardless of all that, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  We spent lots of time with our grandchildren which was the reason we made the move, so we were ready to put up with anything!

Until the winter thunderstorms started!!!!!!!!!!

I’m NOT a fan of thunder of any magnitude, but had never experienced anything like what they have in Texas!!  Living in a 5th wheel, with the thunder blasting within inches of our heads, was more than I wanted to put up with – and it seemed like a thunder storm was coming through every week!  So we (I) decided it was time to find a real home.  Within a few short days we’d found a home to rent with a LOT of space, plenty for the grandkids AND a special craft/sewing room.      More on all that later!

Finally, we are truly settled!