I’m a 60-something wife, a mom of two, a mother-in-law, and a nana of three beautiful grandkids. I grew up in Oregon, but my husband and I recently moved to Texas to be near our son and his family in order to be a part of our grandkids everyday lives.

I’m an avid mystery reader (my kids got me a Kindle for Christmas and I LOVE it!!), sewer and quilter, crafter, and although not so avid about it, I do enjoy gardening!  I’m also extremely interested in preserving our environment, so we recycle everything possible and conserve whenever possible.  I love to explore new ways to use old ‘stuff’.

Our daughter has recently moved from out of state to Texas, so our family is now all together here in this great state.  I’ve always enjoyed refinishing furniture, so I’m ‘helping’ by finding her cheap apartment furnishings and repainting them in her style.

My posts will be all about my hobbies, my family, and my environment – all things that probably interest you as well!  I hope that you enjoy my ‘life and times’ as I plod through it day by day!


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