‘Eat Your Heart Out’ Kickstart Cleansing Diet

Over the last year, since we moved to Texas, I’ve put back on some of the weight I’d worked so hard to get off!  Story of my life, but I really want to stop this up and down, back and forth diet business!

Anyway, the day after Christmas I started a diet, and managed to lose a few pounds.  Then my daughter e-mailed me a “Kickstart Cleansing Diet” that she’d received from a friend.  It looked hard, because each different is a different regiman, but I thought it might be just what I needed to get going again.

So, last Monday I started the diet.

Each day, something different to eat.  I have to say, it was HARD!!!!!   It’s very difficult just eating certain things on certain days – thank goodness it only lasted 7 days!  It’s definitely not a diety that I could follow permanently, but I did it for a week!  And, I got results!  A total of 10.8 pounds!

I believe it was originally posted by Justin and Ashley @ Refresh, who received the diet from a doctor.  They posted the diet with a lot of information.  Check it out for a lot of FAQ’s and background information.

Lose 10 pounds in 7 days!I’m proud of myself for actually completing the entire week without cheating.  Now to continue the rest of my life trying to be careful!

Have you tried this diet out?  What do you think?

Take care,


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