Home-made King-size Bed Pillowcases

More than a year ago my daughter bought fabric so I could make her a lap quilt.  With the move from Oregon, living in an RV for months, moving into a house, etc., getting the lap quilt finished moved to the very bottom of the list.

But, she moved from California to Texas and moved into her own apartment a short time ago.  And she needed some bedding.  So….the lap quilt moved up the list and it became a bedspread 🙂   A queen-size bedspread with sides that would drop deep on both sides.   I’ll post more about the bedspread soon (it just needs a backing added), but today I made some matching pillowcases for the ensemble.

I love making these pillowcases.  I’ve made a variety over the years, but these ‘burrito’ pillowcases win hands-down!  Easy, fast, anyone can do them.  I’m not going to post the tutorial here because Anina at The Twiddletails Blog has written a detailed and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructional tutorial on how to make the ‘burrito’ pillowcase.

So, instead, here are just a few pictures of my finished product.  Please note that my daughter’s colors for her bedroom are hot-pink leopard print, black, and a variety of blue-starred metallic fabrics. (I know – unusual choices – I thought I wouldn’t like them but I do!)  When you see the finished bedspread you’ll be surprised by how striking it is!

IMG_5174IMG_5175King-size Pillowcase

I’m very pleased with the results – I can’t wait to see it all on her bed!!!

And it gets me thinking about making some nice pillowcases for my own bed – so much prettier than those in the store!

What projects have you been working on this new year?  Finished anything yet?  We’d love to hear about your completed projects!

‘Til next time –


PS — all the fabrics for the bedspread and matching pillowcases are from the Keepsake Cotton Fabric collection at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  I LOVE THAT STORE!!

2 thoughts on “Home-made King-size Bed Pillowcases

  1. I sure would love for my wonderful aunt to make me some camouflage pillow cases 🙂 or deer ones 🙂 she’s very very talented

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