T.V. Tray to Upholstered Pressing Table

So, how many of you are quilters who are tired of twisting around every 10 seconds, scooting to the ironing board and back again, just to iron a little seam so you can move on!

Me TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was researching Pinterest the other day (okay, checking out all the cool stuff hour after hour!) and found a great tutorial posted by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransonn!.   She explained, in detail, how to convert a small folding wooden t.v. tray into a padded pressing table.

I followed the instructions included in Oh, Fransonn’s post, and YAHOO, I have a great little table that sits beside my chair!  No more twisting around and scooting back and forth to the big ironing board!  My cutting mat on one side, my little pressing table on the other, and I’m ready (and no excuses 🙂 )

Oh, Fransonn’s instructions were so clear that there’s no need for me to duplicate, but here are a few pictures of my little project.  You’ll notice that mine isn’t quite as neat underneath because I didn’t take the time to cut my fabric to size first (I should have though!).  However, even so, from the top it looks pretty good, and it works great!


But, regardless of how it looks from underneath, on top it’s perfect!!

Sorry about the mess – I’m working on a queen size scrappy quilt, and I tend to keep all the scraps out and about while I’m working.  It works for me at the time, and feels great when it’s all cleaned up!!

I’d love to hear about your projects!   Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Have a great week,


P.S. – I found my oak-stained TV Tray at Walmart for less than $9.00.  They also had the walnut stained table for the same price.

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