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Spray Basting for Free-Motion Quilting

This is going to be a two-part blog about prepping a quilt for free motion design quilting, and then actually doing it!!

I quilt a LOT!  When I say that, I mean that every day I’m doing something on a quilt, but there are some things that I’ve never had the nerve to do.  I don’t make quilts that use curves in the design – I like using patterns so I do paper-piece quilting.  I don’t applique – I’m not particularly patient so I haven’t learned how to do it yet.  And, I don’t free-motion design quilt.  Yes, I stipple, but that’s the most creative I’ve gotten.

Well, I’m fixing to change that.  I want to do some free-motion design quilting on a baby quilt to jazz it up some.  The quilt top is finished and I need to get it ready for quilting.  I’ve watched a number of tutorials to find out the best way of prepping it – and this is the video that helped me the most –

Unfortunately I live in a rental and can’t mark up the walls, so had to follow the instructions using the floor.

To start, I laid out a left-over Dollar Tree table cloth to protect the carpet.

Dollar Tree

Then I laid out the backing fabric (right side facing the carpet, wrong side facing up), smoothing out all the wrinkles.  I placed pins all around the edge down deep into the carpet, securing the fabric so that it was stretched out, wrinkle free.  Making sure the fabric was several inches longer than the top, I cut away the extra yardage.

Following the instructions on the basting spray, I sprayed over the bottom fabric making sure there was good coverage over the entire piece. I then placed the batting directly over the bottom fabric and placed it down from one edge to the other, again smoothing out all the wrinkles.  As I smoothed I placed pins around the edges securing the batting down over the bottom fabric.  I re-sprayed between the batting and the bottom fabric if it wasn’t adhering together.

Following the same process, I sprayed liberally over the top of the the batting.  I then placed the quilt top gently down over the batting, again smoothing all the wrinkles out.  I pinned around the perimeter, securing ALL three thicknesses down so that the basting spray could adhere well.    I took some time to really press down all over the top to make the glue stick, and left the ‘package’ on the floor for an hour or so.

At this point, I don’t know how this will work when I start to the free-motion design quilting.  I’ll let you know very soon!   In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments and tips on how you baste and prep your quilts!!!!!!!!