Button-inspired Lampshade!

I’m new to Pinterest, but already I’ve become addicted!  It’s so much fun to see so many new things that I can make, do, cook or create!!  One of the things I discovered was a lampshade that Julie Whittaker posted using buttons of all shapes and sizes.

Now, I happen to sew a lot and have for more than 40 years, and as any sewer knows, you accumulate sewing-related stuff – by the bucketful!  And I had accumulated a LOT of buttons!  This project looked perfect, and was actually something my grandkids could help with!

This week was my chance to work on it.  The grandkids came to spend the night, so I pulled out all the stuff needed, and we got started!


Items needed:

– Buttons – hundreds of buttons, big and small, all colors.  I’d already separated out the buttons with the shank on the back, as well as the buttons that would be too heavy to stay on the lampshade when glued.

– Glue that dries clear (I used Elmer’s Glue)

– Paper plates to put glue on, and Q-tips to use to dip glue on to buttons

– A lampshade, preferably one that is white or off-white colored.

I set the kids up at a table and we got started.  They didn’t work on it all the time, and usually one or two of the three at a time. Their auntie or I worked with them in order to help if they had trouble getting a button to stick.  They did absolutely great though, even the 3 year old, although he got bored with it and decided to make button pictures instead 🙂

My 5-year-old granddaughter stuck with it until nearly the end – she was really enjoying herself.

We had a great time together changing the plain off-white lampshade to a colorful button-covered lampshade.  As you can see from the finished product, the kids were pretty proud of it too!

And it’s now a beautiful addition in our master bedroom, adding color to a dark corner of the room and adding interest to the space where there was none!  I’m so happy with how it turned out!


2 thoughts on “Button-inspired Lampshade!

  1. I was wondering if the buttons became unglued if the lamp was on too long. We are going to attempt this project soon but wasn’t sure if the glue would hold if the lamp was on and heated the glue up.


    • Thank you for asking Mary! I haven’t had any buttons fall off yet. I’ve had the lamp on several hours at a time and so far so good. If you have littles working on it (my 3 year old grandson helped) just be sure to double check that they use enough glue to get it to adhere well. Have lots of fun – we really enjoyed doing it, and I sure love it!

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