Red, White & Blue Cake Pops – I made them!!!

A week or so ago I wrote about 4th of July cake pops that I wanted to make, using my new cake-pop maker!  The Independence Day treat was inspired by a Pinterest post from Party City.  The pops were so festive looking and I was hoping to recreate the tasty-liciousness of it all!

Preparing to Bake!

I pulled my supplies together and got started mixing the cake batter while the cake-pop machine warmed up.  It works much like a waffler maker!

Unfortunately my cake pops didn’t turn out quite as pretty, and not nearly as round.  More like little space ships 🙂

Well, with my husband’s help, we got started placing the cake-pop sticks in the cake pops (using some of my melted almond bark).  That went pretty well, but since the pops were such odd shapes they really didn’t stand too well.  We placed them in the freezer so that they would be easier to dip.

   Unfortunately the frosting process wasn’t much easier.  We melted the almond bark, and added a few drops of vegetable oil to thin it out some, which was supposed to make it easier to dip.  It was still pretty thick on the pops, and dried so quickly that they didn’t dry round.

So, not as pretty as the original recipe (as you can see here) – and unfortuntely not enough pops to make a whole flag!

But, all that aside, everyone loved them!!!  And really, that’s all I cared about.  It would have been nice to make the beautiful cake pops that I saw from Party City, and maybe with more practice I’ll be able too, but for now I’ll settle for “These taste really good, Mom!”, and “Can I have another one Nana?”.  Music to my ears!


3 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue Cake Pops – I made them!!!

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