Mr. Lion’s New Pants!

Mr. Lion needs some pants, Nana.  Can you  make some?” Sweet asked with an imploring look!

 Well, what Nana with a sewing machine can deny such a request???  So, we took a few minutes to make Mr. Lion some new pants.  Not ‘fancy pants’, just good ole every-day pants.  Since I didn’t have a pattern handy for Mr. Lion-size pants, I had to wing it.  I found a remnant that looked to be the right size, and ‘eye-balled’ some pants, cutting out wide legs and room for the lion-sized bottom and the long tail.  Here’s my first effort.

Well, obvioiusly my first effort wouldn’t quite fit up over Mr. Lion’s bottom, and had no tail access.  So, I cut a 3″ waistband band that would go all the way around, attached it to the top of the pants, and then folded the band over and sewed it down to the base, leaving a 3″ opening at the back.  Then I strung some elastic through to each end of the waistband (leaving the 3″ opening). After securing the elastic on both ends, I sewed a narrow 2″ strip of fabric to ‘connect the waistband so that it left a place for the tail to go through.  As my young grandson would say, Ta-Da!!!!

Here are some pictures of the finished product.

And best of all, Sweet said it made her very happy!   That’s what I was going for, so ….. Ta-Da!!

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